Clear vision is one of the most important advantages you can give your child. 



Dr. Olga Savitska is residency trained in Pediatrics & Vision Therapy


Specialized diagnostic and vision-correcting tools for your child 


Bayview Vision has a 40+ year track record of catering to families with a focus on children


It can often be difficult to properly diagnose and treat children with vision issues. The thought of a first visit to a new doctor can also be a scary proposition to your little one!

We offer a friendly, welcoming environment for children of all ages and learning abilities, and will take the time to ensure that your child gets the attention they deserve to start them on their journey of improved eyesight. 

They will also get to pick a fun toy out of the treasure chest after their exam! 

Your child may have vision problems if they exhibit any of the following symptoms: 

  • Headaches with near work

  • Difficulty copying from the board

  • Squinting

  • Frequent rubbing or blinking

  • Difficulty with reading

    • Skips or repeats lines

    • Experiences "words running together"

    • Double vision

  • Reverses letters or words

  • Fatigue, frustration or stress associated with schoolwork

  • Vision worse at the end of day



Three ways to get started:



Book a regular eye exam with:

We'll get to know each other and can advise on your little one's eye care treatment strategies.



Already had a regular eye exam and want to check visual efficiency and skills or visual information processing! Call us to discuss your child's eye care needs and our available treatment methods. 

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